About My Work

Taken from a letter

(...)In my work, there is an aspect of poetry and spirituality, and they serve as a comment on the world we live in. These qualities are hidden in my paintings which are very objective and factual. Some other observers may think that my paintings look very accidental, but they are not. They are balanced out carefully, even though the balance should not be obvious.The effect of the indescribable is important.So the whole ensemble tells a story about me and you and about the world we live in. "Such Is Life, And Such Are We" is a very-fitting phrase from the movie "The Stalker" by Andrej Tarkovskij. The story has no beginning and no end; the story is the life itself. All the subjects of my paintings, the silly cow, the traffic, the mass of people, a parking lot, the mysterious window , the dry land, the person you see in the distance, half covered, like you can not look into another person, there is always a dark part.

Examples, fragments, cuts, documents without a foreground meaning, details, parts of a lost truth. So each painting is like a stone which holds a building together, There are big stones and little stones and both are important, the same as we have days when there is something important happening and days that virtually nothing happens at all. A person may ask you, "How was your day?" and you answer, "Oh, nothing special, like any other day." But every day is a part of our life, and, as it is measured with each day having the same length, my paintings are all the same size, like the day always has 24 hours. They are purpose fully painted in black and white to increase the documentary character. They assume to be true and the content takes the leading role over the colour.(...)

March 1999